We enable the magic of technology to help you meet your business objectives

Our Mission

We challenge the status quo of the software industry by creating an unforgettable experience for our clients while working with us.

This is accomplished through our deep commitment to quality and a new way of connecting with our partners.


InnovatorSpark is a Software Development Company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Cluj is a hubspot for talented technical people, also called The Silicon Valley of Europe.

We choose to grow leaders by supporting our team to grow professionally and personally. This creates a deep sense of connection and responsibility. This creates a family.

Core Values

Our Core Values is what defines us and our work.

Quality First

Reliable Communication

Deep Commitment

High Adaptivity & Flexibility

Fun & Family Spirit


React Development

Our expertise using React helped our customers to enhance their projects. Our skilled ReactJS Developers successfully implemented this popular choice JavaScript library for different industry domains.

Node.JS Development

Our team members leverage Node.JS technology to build lightweight backend systems by converting our clients' needs into long term scalable solutions.

.NET Development

We leverage the Microsoft technologies and tools using our large experience to build complex .NET systems, including different 3rd party systems integrations. Our expertise in .NET includes custom solutions, eCommerce applications and CMS systems.

UI Development

We use the latest UI technologies in order to provide the best and the fastest solutions for our clients. InnovatorSpark is focused on building UI solutions using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular or React JS.

PHP Development

InnovatorSpark is focused on using PHP to implement custom applications and eCommerce shops using Magento. Our team has all the skills needed to make the magic happen by taking full advantage of the power of the most suitable tools.

Mobile Development

Our mobile development experience covers iOS, Android and Xamarin platforms. Our mobile applications meet performance and scalability needs. Our tallented engineers offer both good communication skills and the technical expertise to support the best outcome.


Get in touch via email and tell us your specific needs, we are happy to help you.