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A joint venture to redesign and upgrade a Software as a Service platform that helps connect businesses with knowledge institutes. They focus on four domains: Semiconductors, Robotics, Life Sciences and Energy

In a joint effort with the client we devised new designs, features and functionalities for their product in order to better serve the users and community. Our efforts focused on enhancing user experience and meeting community needs, ultimately helping to develop and build a robust SaaS networking platform tailored for the Dutch high-tech sector.
Project Details
This platform is designed to facilitate seamless networking, foster innovation, and drive growth within the high-tech industry in the Netherlands. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and user-centric design principles, we ensured the platform delivers exceptional value and functionality to all stakeholders involved.
React, NodeJs, TypeScript
Company Details
High Tech NL is the national trade association for the Dutch high-tech industry that drives innovation by connecting companies and knowledge institutions.